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Best beaches in Barcelona

For those who want to spend a vacation in the sun of Barcelona, here are the best beaches in Barcelona where you can relax and spend your free time hiking. We will also talk about the rules to follow on the beach. By following them, nothing can spoil your stay and you will get many positive emotions. Don’t know when the beach season opens in Barcelona?

The beach season in Barcelona

All the beaches in Barcelona start the beach season from April 12. The low season runs from April 12 to 21 and 26 to 27, May 1 to 30 and September 15 to 30. During these periods, all beaches are open from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. In the low season, all public restrooms are open. A full set of beach services can be obtained during these periods in Bogatell, Barceloneta and Nova Mar Bella. The high season runs from May 31 to September 14. During this period, the beaches are open from 10:30 to 19:30. The public toilets on the beaches operate on the same schedule, but close one hour earlier than the beaches. Between November 15 and 30, all beaches are closed. All beach facilities cease operation and all portable beach equipment is removed. The beaches are not open from October to April.

Rules for visiting beaches in Spain

For pets on the beach, the owner will be fined 1500 euros. Do not use soap or shower gel in the beach showers. You may only play active games in specially designated areas. You may sit on the beach with umbrellas at least 6 meters from the water. It is forbidden to ride on the beach with any means of transportation, including bicycles, skateboards, etc. Playing musical instruments or listening to loud music is prohibited on some beaches. Smoking is prohibited on many beaches.

Sant Sebastia Beach

This beach is one of the oldest in Barcelona and was once a fishing area. Today, it is the most popular vacation destination among tourists and locals. Despite the distance from the city center, the area of this great beach is always full of sunbathers and swimmers. Sant Sebastia beach has gained such popularity thanks to its geographical position – in a welcoming bay, which is distinguished by the purity and transparency of the water. In addition to the natural advantages, this beach is characterized by its comfort and is very well equipped for customers. First of all, it caters to people with disabilities. In particular, each of them can benefit from a swimming aid.

People with limited movement will be helped to reach the water, to swim in the sea, to get out of the sea and to reach the beach through a special path. In addition, there are special rooms and showers equipped with special chairs and elevators in the area reserved for the disabled. For water sports enthusiasts, there is a sports center where everyone can practice diving or surfing to their heart’s content. Those who like to relax will appreciate the beach library and free Internet access.

For children, there is a playground, where everything is arranged so that children are interested and not bored. It is also possible to have a tasty lunch in the nearby cafes and restaurants, or to buy food in one of the nearby stores. Guests enjoy a full range of beach amenities. Lifeguards and medical services are available, and local police maintain order.

How do I get to Sant Sebastia beach?

To get to the beach, you can take the metro to Barceloneta station, or the municipal buses – 14, 16, 17, 39, 40, 45, 51, 57, 59, 64 and 157.

Sant Miquel Beach

Its name comes from the church built in the eighteenth century, Sant Miguel del Port, which is located nearby. This beach, along with San Sebastian and Barceloneta, is one of the oldest beaches in the city. Sant Miguel stands out for its modest size, with a length of only 400 meters. However, its location in the central part of the city creates the conditions for a growing popularity of the beach. Sant Miguel, always lively, attracts many tourists not only for the opportunity to enjoy the sun, but also to taste a variety of fish and seafood dishes in the nearby restaurants.

Tourists can rent beach chairs and umbrellas, use the showers and public toilets. Wi-Fi is available on the beach, as well as an information center. If necessary, you can contact the local medical center. There is also a pharmacy, an observation tower and artesian fountains. The beach of Sant Miguel offers ideal conditions for a family vacation. It is especially convenient to come here with children, because in this cozy place there is no loud music and there is less noise from all kinds of entertainment, unlike other beaches.

Therefore, Sant Miguel beach is suitable for those who seek peace and tranquility. Here you can relax completely while enjoying the soothing sound of the sea waves.

How to get to Sant Miguel beach:

The beach is easily accessible by buses 10, 14, 16, 17, 36, 39, 40, 45, 51, 57, 59 and 64, the metro on the yellow line and the streetcar. If you take the metro, you must go to Barceloneta or Ciutadella station. If you choose to take the streetcar, you must go to Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica station.

Bogatell Beach

It is located a little further from the center. Therefore, the Boghelan area is less crowded and much quieter than the beaches in the center. In addition, there are far fewer annoying shopkeepers. The beach area is clean and well maintained. Like all the beaches in Spain, the staff cleans up in the evening. Free showers are available, some of which have chairs, which is convenient for the elderly and disabled. For those who want to eat without leaving the beach, you can visit the nearby cafes and restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine.

Bogatell is a municipal beach, so admission is free. The beach is distinguished by a well-established infrastructure. For a small fee, you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs. Tourists and locals can use the toilets, changing rooms and storage rooms with safes for valuables. Developed for the 1992 Olympic Games, the beach was created for the convenience and comfort of visitors. In particular, information about the air and sea water temperature and the exact time is constantly displayed on the interactive scoreboard.

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the well-equipped playground. For tourists with children, there is a children’s playground on the beach. Bogatell beach can be reached by the yellow metro line to the Poblenou or Llacuna stations, as well as by municipal buses. You can also get to the beach by bicycle on a specially designed route along the coast.

How to get to Bogatell beach:

Take the metro on line L4 to Poblenou station or bus 6 to Doctor Trueta station. Alternatively, take bus 26 or 36 to Taulat-Ciutat de Granada station.

Llevant Beach

The furthest from the central part of the city. This beach has been open since 2006. Showers, changing rooms, toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas, sports fields and children’s playgrounds are standard beach facilities, thanks to which visitors to Levant can sunbathe in safety and comfort. Advantages of Le Levant beach – small number of people and excellent service.

How to get to Le Levant beach:

You can take the metro L4 to Selva de Mar station or use bus 36 or 141 to Llull – Diagonal Mar station or streetcar Т4 getting off at El Maresme.

Forum bathing area (Zona de banys del Fòrum)

Barcelona City Park Forum has its own beach, whose main feature is the paved area of an artificial beach and a wide staircase leading directly to the sea. This creative beach appeals to the inhabitants of Barcelona and tourists. And all this because there is no annoying sand, and the wide practical staircase facilitates access to the sea, which is important for people with health problems. In addition, the infrastructure of Banys del Fòrum is very well designed.

How to get to the bathing area of the Forum :

You can reach the Forum swimming area using public transport – metro L4 to El Maresme | Fòrum station, streetcar Т4 – Fòrum station or bus 36 or 141 to Metro Maresme/Fòrum station.

Mar Bella Beach

It was built for the opening of the Olympic Games and became immediately popular with sea and sun lovers. Here it’s all about convenience and comfort. On the beach playground, children will find plenty of fun and sports enthusiasts can enjoy the sports field, the skateboard area and the yacht club. The western part of the beach belongs to nudists and is separated from the rest of the area by a sand dune covered with bamboo. In addition, Mar Bella is very popular with homosexuals.

This beach has earned the reputation of being the gayest beach in Barcelona. Here you can always hear good music and see a lot of young people. However, this does not mean that only men rest on the beach.

How to get to Mar Bella beach:

The beach is further from the center, so it is best to go by cab. You can also use public transport – metro L4 – Poblenou stop, bus 26 to Pg. Taulat-Bac de Roda, or bus 36, 71, 141 to Llull-Bilbao stop.

Nova Mar Bella Beach

It was also created during the reconstruction of the ramp for the Olympic Games, after which the new resting place immediately gained popularity among young people. In addition to the standard infrastructure of the beach, there are waste containers not only for collection but also for recycling. Cleanliness and comfort reign on the beach.

Along the beach you will find many stores, cafes, bars and restaurants. On the beach, there is always the possibility to find entertainment to your liking, such as various excursions or kayaking or sailing trips. Cyclists can leave their vehicles safely in the bike park. This beach has been chosen by nudists and has a special area assigned to it.

How to get to Nova Mar Bella beach:

You can get there by bus 26 to Pg. Taulat-Provençals or by bus 36, 141 to Llull-Selva de Mar station, as well as by metro L4, Selva de Mar station.

Barceloneta Beach

The oldest and most popular among residents and tourists. During the general reconstruction of the seawall, the beach was renovated and gained the reputation of being the cleanest and safest place to rest. Here you will find a range of excellent services for all visitors to Barcelona. Moreover, the public encountered on the beach is very varied. Many young people. On the beach there is a specially marked area where nudists sunbathe.

How to get to Barceloneta beach:

L4, Barceloneta station, to the beach you walk 5-7 minutes. Buses 45 and 59 stop right next to the beach, stop Platja de la Barceloneta. A walk from the edge of the famous Rambla to Barceloneta takes about 20 minutes.

Somorrostro Beach

This beach, named after an old neighborhood in Barcelona, has become increasingly popular with young foreigners. Some time ago, only poor people lived in this part of the city, but today, Somorrostro beach is a place where the wealthy crowd sunbathe. Of course, there are also luxury restaurants and prestigious clubs nearby. On the beach full of not poor people, thanks to the variety of services, all conditions have been created for tourists to feel comfortable.

How to get to Somorrostro:

You can get to the beach using public transport services – metro L4, stop Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica, bus 36, 45, 59, 71 stop Pg. Marítim – Trelawny, streetcar Т4, Ciutadella|Vila Olímpica stop, or… by bike.

Nova Icária Beach

It is popular with both locals and tourists. Despite its proximity to the center, the beach is clean and the atmosphere is calm. A large number of facilities and the cleanliness of the beach have been noticed not only by local tourists, but also internationally. Nova Ikaria is marked with the blue flag. Families with children prefer to relax on this beach.

How to get to Nova Ikaria beach:

The beach is easily accessible by all means of public transport – nearest metro station – Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica, line L4; bus 36, 41, 92 – Av. Icària-Àlaba, or 71 – Àlaba-Bogatell.