Barcelona is a huge city, but it has very well organised and integrated public transport, which allows you to get around the city and its surroundings quickly and conveniently. The metro, buses, trams and trains run very frequently until late at night, and there are also special night lines that run all night.

There is an integrated public transport system, which means that all modes of public transport operate with one type of ticket. In practice, this means that one type of ticket gives you the possibility to use the metro, bus, tram and the regional train FCG and RODALIES.

With one ticket you cannot change modes, but you can change lines, for example from metro line L1 to L2 (provided you do not leave the station in between). Integrated tickets, subscriptions (all tickets except the single ticket), allow you to switch from one mode of transport to another in one trip, for example from metro to bus to tram. In one trip you can change transport means 3 times and the total travel time must be within the range defined by the zone (in Barcelona zone 1 you have a total of 75 minutes for a trip with change).

The metro

Barcelona has five metro lines and two urban train lines (FGC). This is the fastest way to get around.

Each line is associated with a number and a colour.

Monday to Thursday, Sundays and public holidays from 5:00 am to midnight
Fridays from 5am to 2am
Saturdays and the nights before a public holiday continuous service
Ticket price: €2.4

City train

The city train lines (FGC) are associated with this symbol: FGC. Does not serve the whole city, but only some points. There are 6 lines and 56 stops. We use the same tickets as the metro and bus and it has the same fare.

Monday to Thursday from 05:00 to midnight
Friday, Saturday, and public holidays from 06:00 to 02:00
Sunday from 6am to midnight
Ticket price: 2.4 euros

Funicular :

This transport system is similar to the Christ the Redeemer tramway and connects specific points in the city such as: Montjuïc and Tibidabo.


With the buses you can go anywhere. Each stop has the necessary information about the bus line that passes through it. At the same stop you can see the route and time of the bus. Many stops have an electronic sign that tells you how much time is left before the bus stops. It is not possible to buy the T-10 ticket or any other ticket inside the bus. It is possible to buy the ticket directly from the driver. Remember to validate the ticket at one of the machines inside the bus.

There are two bus services here: day and night (Nitbus). The daytime service runs until about 10pm. The Nitbus starts at 10pm and runs until 5am. The timetable depends on the line.

Metro and bus tickets must be purchased from the vending machines in the metro stations. After validating the ticket, keep it as you do, as a ticket inspector may ask to check whether the ticket has been paid for.


Cycling is also a transport service in Barcelona. By paying an annual fee, we are allowed to rent bicycles for 30 minutes. There is no limit of use, only of time. The schedule is until 2am.