Barcelona was founded in III century B.C. by the Romans and from the beginning was one of the most important mercatile towns around the Mediterranean Sea. After capturing the city by Carathagines, Hamilicar Barca – Hannibal’s father, rebuilt the town and named it after his name as Barcino. Then the city another time came under the Roman’s reigns, and after fall of the Roman Empire – it was conquered by Vizigoths. For a short time Barcelona was a capital of Vizigoth’s country created on the area of today’s Spain.

During the Middle Ages Barcelona was in turn: reigned by the Moors, then it was the capital of Spanish Marches, and then – of the County of Aragonia. After the Aragonia and Catalonia connection the importance of Barcelona decreased, till the XVIII century, when the produce of textils began and it significance again grew up.

At the turn of XIX and XX century started fast development of Barcelona, mainly thanks to the industry. In 1977 it became a capital of the autonomic community of Catalonia.