La barcelonata

Going to the beach and eating a delicious paella at la Barceloneta is something you can’t help but do when you visit this pleasant area of Barcelona.

La Barceloneta is one of the most traditional and charming areas of Barcelona. Formed by narrow streets, it has become a humble fishing village on the edge of the city.

This neighborhood began to be urbanized in the middle of the 18th century under the orders of the engineer Juan Martín Cermeño. The objective of the urbanization project was to rehouse the inhabitants of La Libera neighborhood who lost their homes with the construction of the Ciutadella Militar.

In the beginning, the houses had only two floors to allow the free passage of the line of fire of the cannons, which were fired from the Ciutadella. Today, this neighborhood combines the authentic air of the charming fishing village, but with modern features typical of Barcelona.

How to get to the Barceloneta

If you are staying in the old town of Barcelona, the best way to get to the Barceloneta is to walk. In just a few minutes you can enjoy the beautiful views of this part of Spain.

Now, if you are in the Eixample, the Gracia district or the Poblenou, the best way is to take the metro line 4. Thanks to it, you can get off at the stop of the beaches that make up this region.

But if you are further away from this neighborhood, the best option is to choose the buses. You can take the next day’s lines:

D20; D45; D47; D59; D136; V15; V19; V21; V27; N8 (night); N28 (night).

Things to see and do

By visiting this area of Barcelona, you can enjoy more than just a walk along the Barcelona waterfront and admire a breathtaking view. You can also enjoy other beautiful views.


The main attractions of the Barceloneta district are the lively beaches of Barcelona: Sant Sebastiá, Sant Miquel, La Barceloneta and Somorrostro. All of them are easily accessible from the city center, so much so that you can use public transportation to get there.

A curious fact about Sant Sebastiá beach is that it is the setting for the first bathing festival of the year. It is celebrated on January 1st and brings together hundreds of people who dare to defy the low water temperatures.

Curiosities about Barceloneta

La Barceloneta is a very traditional district of Barcelona and full of historical sights that you should know. See below which are the main ones:

  • The first inhabitants were pirates and smugglers;
  • The first district to produce trains and steamboats on a national level;
  • The inhabitants of the neighborhood live in the famous “fresco” style;
  • Place where the first arenas in the country were built.

Leaving aside the rides along the waterfront, we suggest a visit to the Barceloneta market. It is one of the oldest in the neighborhood and one of the best in terms of seafood quality.

It is undoubtedly one of the best places to buy typical products of the region and admire its breathtaking architectural structure.

Barceloneta Market

And recently, the market has been renovated and its infrastructure has been surprisingly improved. It is now covered with 180 panels that take advantage of solar energy and make its structure pleasant to walk through.

Barceloneta Park

Another tourist attraction to visit is the Barceloneta Park. It is located in the place of the old Catalana de Gas factory, where you can see some traces of its infrastructure.

In the park you can admire the Torre de les Aigues which is of modernist style and is entirely decorated with ceramic mosaics. You can also go to La Fábrica del Sol, which in addition to being beautiful, offers awareness sessions on environmental protection.