La Rambla Barcelone

La Rambla

Six different streets juxtaposed, La Rambla (also known as Las Ramblas) is a tree-lined pedestrian boulevard filled with musicians, living statues, mimes, painters, entertainers, artists and travelling salesmen who sell everything from lottery tickets to jewellery.

Rambla Canaletes

Football fans may be familiar with this part of the Rambla. At the Font de Canaletes fountain, the victory of FC Barcelona is always celebrated. Do you still want to admire it? According to legend, you will always return to Barcelona when you take a sip from this fountain.

Rambla Estudis

The Rambla Estudis is known for the animals that were previously sold there. Until a few years ago, birds and bird cages were sold here. According to the Catalan Animal Protection Act, this had to be prohibited. Therefore, all 11 animal stalls were closed between 2010 and 2013 after a period of 150 years.
The name of this second part of the street comes from the Estudis Generals University which used to be located here.

Rambla St. Josep

In this comfortable third part of the Rambla there are mainly flower stalls. The cheerful colours of the many flower stalls decorate a large part of the street! In this part of the Rambla there are also a number of sights that are well worth a visit. For example, on the Rambla St. Josep you can admire the Palau de la Virreina and the famous Boqueria market.

Rambla dels Caputxins

The fourth part of the Rambla bears the name of an ancient monastery that was located in this part. In this part too, there are some beautiful things to see. For example, you can visit the Palau Güell or the Plaça Reial, according to many, one of the most beautiful squares in Spain.

Rambla Santa Mònica

This fifth part of the Rambla heads towards the port of Port Vell. At the end, you can admire the Mirador de Colón. This part of the Rambla is also named after an old monastery that once stood here. Today you can find the Santa Monica Art Centre Museum, where you can find temporary exhibitions. A visit to this museum is free!
As far as the atmosphere is concerned, you are in this part of the street. In this part of the Rambla you can find mainly terraces, street artists, kiosks and living statues. A very lively street!

Rambla de Mar

In 1994, the sixth and final part was added to La Rambla. The modern look and the fact that this Rambla flows over water make La Rambla de Mar very unique. This bridge was designed by Viaplana & Piñon and crosses the port of Port Vell in the direction of a large Maremagnum shopping centre.


Below Plaça Reial, La Rambla becomes rather unsightly with strip clubs and peep shows. La Rambla ends with the monument to Christopher Columbus and the harbour.