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When to go to Barcelona?

Barcelona enjoys a temperate climate which makes it a pleasant city to visit all year round.


The weather is generally mild to cool but sunny. It hardly ever snows in Barcelona, but showers can be frequent. Don’t worry, they rarely last all day and the season is still relatively pleasant for sightseeing.


Spring is the best time to visit Barcelona. The days are relatively warm and the nights are still cool. If you plan to walk, cycle or even hike in the surrounding area, this is the time to do so.


Summers are hot, with a few light showers in the first weeks of June. Humidity can give a feeling of more intense heat. August is the hottest and almost the most humid month. It is not recommended to visit Barcelona in August, as most shops and restaurants are closed.


From September to November, good weather returns. The days are sunny and warm. However, there may be a few showers. With spring, this is the best season to visit Barcelona.

Here are the average temperatures in Barcelona month by month :

January: 50ºF
February: 55ºF
March: 55ºF
April: 57ºF
May: 64ºF
June: 70ºF
July: 77ºF
August: 77ºF
September: 72ºF
October: 64ºF
November: 61ºF
December: 53ºF